Company acquisitions

Reasons for acquiring a company or shares in it are manifold and plausible under various constellations. The project is often based on a strategic expansion, buyouts (MBO/MBI/LBO), gaining critical mass vis-á-vis competition, horizontal or vertical diversification, acquiring technologies or joint ventures. The execution can be initiated by the acquirer or through the participation in an organized selling process.

Company acquisitions

We do accompany you in often difficult negotiations. Yet in addition, we also search for an appropriate target confidentially and closely aligned with you. We thereby initiate a first contact, create trust and security through a non-disclosure agreement, conduct company valuations even in challenging cases, followed by a financial due diligence and accompany you in each phase of the transaction through professional advice.

Our clients expect from us an objective and independent advisory during the entire process. In single cases this can mean advising against a transaction. After all we go by the motto “best advice!” instead of pursuing transactions fraught with the wrong risk profile in our specific situation.

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