Company sale

Occasions for company sales can be manifold. Thoughts of concentrating on the core business (spin-off), classical topics of succession at mid-sized companies, portfolio reorganization of diversified conglomerates, exits of holding companies or selling company shares within the course of a capital raise come in mind.


We offer a holistic and independent advisory to our clients in all phases of the process regardless whether

  • the business to be sold is privately owned or publically listed on a stock exchange
  • the whole company, one/several foreign or domestic subsidiaries or just one segment is supposed to be sold
  • single assets are to be sold (“Asset Deal”) or shares of the company are available for sale (“Share Deal”)

We put special attention on confidentially at the beginning of these processes when approaching potential investors. We obligate a potential buyer to absolute confidentiality by means of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), giving you as seller, as well as to some extent the investor, safety. As buyer, strategic (industrial) and financial investors/family offices come into consideration. Due to our tight connection to holding companies and private investors, we know the investment focus and hence increase the probability of success of a transaction significantly.

Overview of our services:

Company sale




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