Practice seminar on business acquisition / business succession in the mid-sized sector

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Several times a year we hold our one day seminar "Company acquisition / company succession in the mid-sized sector" in the circle of executives, managers and shareholders.

Experts with long lasting experience in the M&A business provide insight on how you can, for example, increase future proceeds from a sale by means of an active preparation. The whole transaction process is being explained with a close view to practice and with sufficient space for your questions: From the first talks to the signing of the LOI, the execution of a due diligence and the organization of an ideal financing up to the successful closing of the transaction.

Inform yourself about current market developments and receive answers to, for example, the following topics:

  • How is the value of a company determined and which valuation method is the most suitable?
  • What are the key factors for a successful business acquisition?
  • How do I find a suitable buyer for my company?
  • What should be included in a Letter of Intent (LOI) and how to prepare best for a due diligence?
  • Which kind of contents should be included in a contract for a business transaction and which should not?
  • How can a business acquisition be ideally financed in the current interest rate environment?

With a limited number of participants, we offer shareholders and executives of mid-sized companies an intensive exchange of experience and assure you the opportunity to discuss concrete cases by means of various practical examples.

The registration fee is Euro 590 per person plus value added tax (the registration is binding).


Seminar program (execution in German language)

1. Market for company transactions (M&A)

2. Active buy and sell preparation

a. Value adding factors
b. Financial or strategic investor?
c. Preparation and sequence of the transaction process

3. Company valuation in detail

a. Integrated financial planning
b. DCF and „Ertragswertverfahren“
c. Case studies and workshop

4. Search for the right partner – from the long list to the LOI

5. Due diligence und taxation

a. Process, content and extent
b. Handling of sensitive company information
c. Optimization of the proceeds from a sale in regards to tax

6. The ideal purchase price arrangement

a. Earn-Out-mechanism
b. Locked-Box-mechanism
c. Flexible purchase price adjustment provision

7. The share purchase agreement

a. Structure of the purchase agreement
b. Asset deal vs. share deal
c. Representations and warranties
d. Legal pitfalls and no-no's

8. Success factors of a transaction

9. The smart financing of the transaction

a. Market development
b. Leveraged buy-out
c. Syndicated financing

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