„Creating value, forming future, living partnership“

As an owner-managed firm we, just like our clients, think and work entrepreneurially.

Our operating principles are characterized by independence and neutrality, solely committed to the interests of our clients. Consequently, our services are characterized by individuality, trusting partnerships and open dialogues at all stages of the advisory process.

Our problem-solving approach goes much deeper than only analyzing and developing concepts and focuses primarily on the implementation of jointly developed solutions. Being committed to the common success and confident regarding our core capabilities, we also offer you a performance-based remuneration model for our services.

You want to get to know us in person?

We are happy to informally discuss with you possible topics for a cooperation.

Our Leader Team

Dr. Klaus Schmitte

Dr. Klaus Schmitte
Managing Director
Phone: +49 6196 64009 55
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Dirk Findeisen3

Dr. Dirk Findeisen
Phone: +49 6196 64009 52
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Petra Neun
Assistant to the management
Phone: +49 6196 64009 56
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